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Woodruff Brothers Guitars - Birdsong #1


• Original 3D graphics, CNC carved artwork signed and numbered by B.Woodruff

• Mahogany body - Dyed and sealed with satin lacquer finish

• Maple neck and headstock with inlayed rosewood fretboard

• Rolling string guides for reduced friction

• Adjustable bridge with tremolo system (4 springs, removable bar)

• 3 single coil pickups with black brass covers

• 5-way pickup control switch

• STRATOBLASTER TYPE pre-amp for clean gain or buffer with bypass switch

• 9v Battery bay for pre-amp

• Metal speed knobs (1 volume & 2 tone) tremolo cover and hardware

• Custom made maple pickguard

• Ships with Ernie Ball® Regular Slinky strings (10-46)

Approximate finished weight - 7 lbs.

Request to see this guitar at the sales counter, and it will be brought to Happylife Productions in Woodstock within 2 days. Please ask for assistance when you return to try it out. We can notify you when it is in.

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