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Happylife Productions - Woodruff Brothers Guitars

Woodruff Brothers - Series 1 Guitars •

These works of art were designed and created by The Woodruff Bros. (Robert & Brian Woodruff).  Starting with a mahogany body, they are CNC Carved one at a time featuring 3D relief of original artworks, hand finished and built in the Catskill Mts. of New York.  Each neck is carefully measured and fitted for it's body to ensure excellent tuning and intonation.  These pieces are not just "wall hangers", they are carefully set up to have nice action and be everyday players.  Each finish is a one of a kind, and the designs will be produced in very limited numbers.  Finished weight is approximately 7 Lbs. (with strings).


Classic Setup - Classic Sound

                                                       "Nuthin' Fancy" - Our Series 1 Standard pickup and electronics setup is an economical option that consists of a reliable unbranded system. It is guaranteed to give a wide range of tone and options you'd expect from a single coil setup and be durable enough to play for years to come.

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